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The collection also includes many screen printed designs similarly based on document fabrics, or on paper drawings owned by the Turnbull Archive. While the provenance of these designs is less certain, many are undoubtedly of English or French origin, and some are likely to date back as far as the late eighteenth century. There are obvious influences of tapestries, frescos or illuminated manuscripts from Medieval and Renaissance Europe, and to acknowledge this connection to the past, many of the designs are dedicated to these presumed historical connections or to legendary figures from the design world.

The Hazelton House Classics already constitutes one of the largest collections of Hand Block printed fabrics in the industry, and the company has ambitious plans for growth in the future. Hazelton House is proud to offer this unique product. By doing so, the company affirms support for the design philosophy espoused by Budd Sugarman and a commitment to seeing traditional designs re-appear in new guises: new base cloths, colors reflecting contemporary tastes as well as to the continuation of the high standards for which the company has become famous.

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