Introducing Casmance

The Misia collection from Casamance is a glittering brand, a brand of charm. Intent on rediscovering the freedom, audacity and glamour of the Roaring Twenties, it taps into and captures the spirit of this crazy decade, then gives it a thoroughly-modern makeover. In doing so, Misia plays with codes of…

Allan Knight

We are excited to announce representation of Allan Knight in the Washington Design Center location of the Michael-Cleary showrooms. When you hear Allan Knight, you think glamor and luxury. Their accessories, acrylics, lighting, and furnishings are as captivating as they are unique. Several pieces are already on display in the…

Groves Bros Summer Fabrics

Groves Bros. is the USA's premier manufacturer of traditional Venetian-style fabrics on cotton, linen, or silk. With over 175 standard color variations and 33 patterns, the possibilities are endless! Their fabrics are beautiful anyway you look at them. Ceci, 3300-BL, Winter Rye The versatile fabrics can be used with either side.…

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