The MICHAEL-CLEARY Showroom is in its 20th year in the Washington DC Design Center, and opened its doors in the Chicago Merchandise Mart in 2005.

We proudly represent a wide array of high end Furniture, Lighting, Fabric, Wall Covering, Rugs and Accessories. From traditional to contemporary and unique finds from around the world!   




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Tyler Hall is an evolving, boutique wallpaper and fabric line that merges current design trends with the historical subjects of past generations. With the brush tipped towards French and Bristish influences, the design director and artist Dennis Lee redefines pattern and color into exciting new palettes and designs.

Artistically executing paintings with a layering of historical ornament blend themselves well to new wallcoverings and fabrics. The designs also have a whimsical quality with dogs driving cars, and an array of bird and animal posing fot the artist, which are ideal for children - giving room personality and a bit of fantasy.

The designs extend from the multi screened large repeat patterns that are mural-like to the simple fretworks and interesting geometric designs. As a result the collections are transitional and well suited for every taste and enviornment including hospitality.