The MICHAEL-CLEARY Showroom is in its 20th year in the Washington DC Design Center, and opened its doors in the Chicago Merchandise Mart in 2005.

We proudly represent a wide array of high end Furniture, Lighting, Fabric, Wall Covering, Rugs and Accessories. From traditional to contemporary and unique finds from around the world!   



La Lune Collection

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La Lune Collection is the most comprehensive selection of rustic furnishings available, with over 600 designs of seating, cabinetry, tables, beds, and accessories. Our varied collection can be used effectively in innumerable combinations of different designs, woods, and finishes, making La Lune Collection appropriate for any interior or exterior setting. Custom designs, dimensions, finishes, and detailing are also available, including furniture or architectural fixtures to your design.

Since our company's inception in 1979 we have been very concerned about our environment and the use of exotic woods from the rainforest by the furniture industry. We harvest only fast growing, sustainable, and environmentally secure woods, and use non-polluting, water-based finishes in our construction process. Most limbs and branches used to make our collection are carefully pruned from living trees and bushes which continue to grow and regenerate year after year.