The MICHAEL-CLEARY Showroom is in its 20th year in the Washington DC Design Center, and opened its doors in the Chicago Merchandise Mart in 2005.

We proudly represent a wide array of high end Furniture, Lighting, Fabric, Wall Covering, Rugs and Accessories. From traditional to contemporary and unique finds from around the world!   



B. Mori

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B. Mori features the world's finest textiles, including their exquisite silks, which are offered in an extraordinary array of intricate designs and shimmering colors schemes. B. Mori spins and dyes all of their silk threads. Then, in incredible detail, artisans skilled in the old-world tradition create hand-embroidered and hand-painted fabrics and wallcoverings that elegantly express everything from nature's bounty to symbols of good fortune. B. Mori offers their own signature designs, as well an innovative custom program that allows you to choose a different color palette, or an entirely new design that B. Mori will execute to your specifications.